The Challenges

HACKtivate ED has partnered with key education organizations in the Bay Area to identify real, immediate problems that we hope you can help solve.

Descriptions of problems:


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Activate ED Social Media Challenge: Activate ED would like a smarter way to collaborate with other organizations to promote events and the Activate ED campaign at large.  Read more about it here: ActivateEd-SocialMediaProblem


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Aspire Observation Norming Challenge: Can you help Aspire develop a tool to facilitate its norming process: particularly around the pain point of reviewing quality and alignment of evidence collected during observations? Read more about it here: Aspire-ObservationNorming

Aspire Referral Management Challenge: Aspire would like help developing a real-time referral process that helps teachers escalate and promptly address major behavior issues in the classroom. Read more about it here: Aspire-ReferralManagement



Oakland Unified School District College and Career Readiness Challenge: Can you design or create an app through which students can share their work-based learning experiences, either through text, photos or videos? Read more about it here: OUSD-CollegeandCareerReadiness

Oakland Unified School District Community Partnerships Challenge: Can you analyze Oakland’s community partnership data to identify trends in the quantity or type of services provided by external organizations at Oakland schools? Can you combine this data set with other publicly available data to provide additional insights? Read more about it here: OUSD-CommunityPartnershipsProblem

Oakland Unified School District Restorative Justice Challenge: Can you create a data collection tool that could be used by teachers and restorative justice coordinators to capture key data points that the Restorative Justice team could use to evaluate and improve the program? Read more about it here: OUSD-RestorativeJustice


San Francisco Unified School District Enrollment Trends: Can you help SFUSD better understand district enrollment trends?

San Francisco Unified School District Survey Data Insights: Can you help SFUSD gain insight into Student, Family and Staff Survey data?

San Francisco Unified School District Highlights Report Challenge: Can you help SFUSD Improve their school “Highlights,” a yearly report for public and internal use

Read more about all three SFUSD challenges here: SFUSD-DataAnalysisProblems