Can you be a good guitar player with small hands?

Relax, there is no such thing as having ‘too small’ hands to play guitar. Everyone can learn to play the guitar. There is no such thing as having ‘too-small’ hands to play guitar.

Are there guitars made for small hands?

But its all good! Not all guitars are made for people who have smaller hands! That’s okay, though, because there are short scale guitars on the market that are made specifically for people who have small hands.

Are small hands better for guitar?

Generally speaking, the thinner the neck of the guitar, the easier it is to play. That’s why it’s important as a player with small hands to choose your neck shape carefully. C-shapes are your best choice. A shorter scale guitar has less space between frets, making it easier to stretch with small fingers.

Did Prince have small hands?

2. It is a fact that many legendary guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix or Chuck Berry had larger than average hands. Prince was also such an an amazing guitar player, but he was smaller than average in height and could be said to have small hands.

Are stratocasters good for small hands?

The Vintage Modified Stratocaster is the perfect choice for those that have smaller hands as its smaller than a regular Telecaster. There’s a tone, volume, and a selector switch for the pickups. There’s a 9.5 fretboard radius and 21 jumbo frets so its very comfortable to play and the entire neck is maple.

What guitar neck is best for small hands?

People with small hands tend to have an easier time playing on flatter, thinner necks, which means that they will often benefit from a fretboard radius that is 12“ or above. This is why shred guitars like the John Petrucci Signature series for example, have a fretboard radius of 16″.

Is short scale guitar better for small hands?

Therefore, someone with small hands should look for a guitar with a shorter scale length. With more closely spaced frets and looser strings, those of us who have small hands will find this guitar much more comfortable to play than say a full sized Strat or an Ibanez with a 25.5“ scale.

Are Les Pauls good for small hands?

Les Paul guitars are better for small hands as it has a shorter scale length. This means that its frets aren’t as far apart, which makes it easier to play for those with small hands or short fingers.

Is a Telecaster good for small hands?

This is an excellent Telecaster for those that have small hands. I find the Vintage Modified to be very easy to play and to fret chords on which can be difficult to do with larger sized guitars. This is the ideal option for anyone that has small hands and wants a very comfortable to play guitar.

Are short scale guitars better for small hands?

Is a Strat or Les Paul better for small hands?

Did Kurt Cobain have small hands?

Kurt Cobain had small hands and was short, but he was spectacular.