Can you get Mewtwo in SoulSilver?

As with FireRed & LeafGreen, after you have earned all the Kanto badges, you will gain access to the Cerulean Cave. Deep within the cave, like in FireRed & LeafGreen, you will find Mewtwo.

Can you get Spiritomb in SoulSilver?

The only way to obtain Spiritomb without trading is by using the pokewalker. It is in the Quiet cave, which requires 100,000 watts.

Is there a Pokemon game where you can catch Mew?

In Pokémon Emerald Version, Mew can be caught on a new island called Faraway Island. To get to the island, a player must have downloaded the item “Old Sea Map” from a Nintendo Event or have been given a one time passage from an action replay system.

How do you get the mystery gift in pokemon soul silver?

Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver – Mystery Gift. Unlike the previous games, Mystery Gift is not unlocked by any special password. Instead, the Mystery Gift feature is available on the menu immediately. This will allow you to easily be able to get Mystery Gift and be able to access the gifts when they come.

How do you get all 3 Kanto starters in soul silver?

All you need to do is beat the elite four and get all of the kanto badges, then go to Silph Tower. A guy will give you one of the starters; you have to pick either a green, red or blue stone.

Is Spiritomb good in game?

Spiritomb is one of only three fully evolved Pokemon in the game with no type weaknesses at all. All in all, Spiritomb is a great Pokemon in the RU tier, but not one that immediately threatens your opponent’s team.

Did Red catch Mew?

After a failed capture attempt, Red threw an Ultra Ball at Mewtwo and successfully caught it. He then returned home to a dinner with his mother, Blue, and Professor Oak. Realizing his work on the Pokédex was not done yet, Red ventured off to catch the most elusive of all Pokémon, Mew.

Is Mew the first Pokemon?

Mew, as it says on Bulbapedia, was created around the time Groudon and Kyogre were born and created the land and sea, so it was not the first pokemon. It came after Lake Trio and Dialga and Palkia after Arceus went to sleep.

How do you get Celebi in soul silver?

However, for those who wish to obtain Celebi legitimately in “Pokemon SoulSilver,” there is no way through gameplay. A player has to either import it from an older version of the game where they’ve already obtained Celebi, or trade for it.

Where is the gift Eevee in SoulSilver?

#133 Eevee The next gift Pokémon you’ll likely get is Eevee. After bumping into Bill in Ecruteak City, he will return to his house in Goldenrod. Visit him there and he will offer you the Eevee he used to test the WiFi system that he just set up.