Can you tour the Porsche factory in Germany?

The Porsche Museum is open – in line with the current applicable Corona ordinance of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Guided museum tours can be booked again. Factory and site tours will not be offered until the end of the year. We will be happy to receive your inquiries for 2022 from December 2021.

How do I get to Porsche Museum Stuttgart?

How to get to Porsche Museum in Stuttgart by Bus, Subway or S-…

  1. S-Bahn: S6, S60.
  2. Subway: U15.
  3. Bus: 501, 502, 52, 91, 99.

How long is the Porsche Museum tour?

A museum tour usually lasts 1 hour and a factory tour 1.5 hours. For more information please read the tour modules on our website or feel free to send us an email with your questions.

How much does the Porsche Museum cost?

The entrance fee costs about 8€ per adult and 4€ per kid till 14 years. You can pay the half price visiting the museum after 5pm.

Can you collect your new Porsche from the factory?

Factory collection You may opt to collect your new car from the Porsche factory in Germany; an unforgettable experience that brings the world of Porsche to life in an immediate and unique way. Discovering how and where Porsche cars are meticulously built makes the journey there more than worthwhile.

Can you tour the Porsche factory?

Porsche AG offers free factory tours that include a visit to production and to the museum in Zuffenhausen. The tours last around two hours.

Where is the Porsche Museum located?

Main entrance of the museum from Porsche-Platz. The Porsche Museum is an automobile museum in the Zuffenhausen district of Stuttgart, Germany on the site of carmaker Porsche.

Where is the Porsche factory?

Stuttgart, Germany
Zuffenhausen – The Porsche headquarters and main factory are located in Zuffenhausen, a district of Stuttgart, Germany.

What does Stuttgart mean Porsche?

Porsche Logo Design & Meaning Stuttgart is located in southwest Germany and was built atop a stud farm, or horse-breeding farm. The name “Stuttgart” comes from “stutt garten,” or “stud garden.” Since the 14th century, Stuttgart has used horses in its city seal, which explains the Porsche logo’s black horse.

How long does it take to receive a new Porsche?

In most cases, you will receive your Porsche in approximately 12 weeks from the time the factory receives your specifications. You can receive updates or check on progress along the way, but the 12-week rule is generally a safe time frame.

Can you see your Porsche being built?

remotely. The “Porsche Track Your Dream” service for the My Porsche app and online portal lets customers follow every step, from assembly at Porsche’s Zuffenhausen, Germany, factory, to shipment and delivery. …

Are Porsche engines reliable?

They have reported that there were 110 problems per 100 vehicles when it came to Porsche, this was the same as Lexus, who have hit the top spot when it comes to reliability for many years. J.D Power have also given Porsche 5 out of 5 for overall dependability.

Where to see the history of Porsche in Stuttgart?

In Zuffenhausen, the Porsche Museum illustrates the exciting history of the famous sports car manufacturer. This is the perfect way to kick off your trip in the tyre tracks of the legend that is Porsche. After lunch at the Christophorus restaurant, you can witness the development of the latest Porsche models on a factory tour right next door.

Is there a Porsche factory tour in Germany?

Even if your dream of having a Porsche of your own can’t come true, or if your Porsche wasn’t picked up at the factory, you still have the opportunity to come on a fascinating factory tour at our production centre in Leipzig. For dates, booking options and further information, take a look at the Porsche Leipzig website (page opens in a new window).

Is there a factory tour in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen?

*Due to the current situation (COVID-19) the factory tour in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen can only be offered conditionally until further notice. For single room registrations (4.390,00 € p. p.) please contact the Porsche Travel Experience team.

Where to go on the Porsche travel experience?

Let the Porsche Travel Experience take you on the most beautiful routes through 2 historic cities – in the tyre tracks of a legend. In the heart of the city, the Althoff Hotel am Schlossgarten is looking forward to welcoming you. Just a few kilometres from here, you will discover the beating, vibrant heart of Porsche.