Do you think there are aliens on Earth?

All you have to do is read ancient religious texts (including the Christian bible) or watch superhero movies to understand the alien savior theory. Many ufologists and “Ancient Astronaut” theorists believe that extraterrestrials not only seeded life on Earth, but are actively engaged with humans and have their best interest in mind.

What do aliens do when they abduct humans?

(2) Aliens usually insert probes of all types into the different orifices of human body after they abduct the humans. They would insert probes and tubes into your nostrils, your rectum, your vagina (if you are a female), your ears and your mouth.

Are there alien races that come into contact with humans?

But the Nordics are a species that come into contact with humans almost as much as they do. However they are more interested in the well-being of the human race than the Grays are. Even though some eye-witness reports claim to have seen Nordics in the same alien craft as Grays.

How are aliens able to communicate with eachother?

How aliens are able to communicate via telepathy with eachother and humans The secrets about Earth’s history hidden from us by our rulers How the universe came into existence (it was NOT the Big Bang or ‘God’ according to these beings) Full Disclosure: Revelations of an Extraterrestrial Encounter.

Some say an alien civilization existed before mankind was born on planet Earth. Other say aliens from another planet come on Earth and helped mankind to be born. They believe those aliens come to Earth from time to time, keeping a track on how humans are progressing, looming over us like gods.

How can we tell if there is life on other planets?

MIT physics professor Sara Seager looks for possible chemical combinations that could signal the presence of alien life. She and her biochemistry colleagues first focused on the six main elements associated with life on Earth: carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous, sulfur and hydrogen.

Are there any other planets in the universe?

In a galaxy that likely holds trillions of planets, ours is so far the only known life-bearing world. Are we really alone? Life in the Universe: What are the Odds? Life in the Universe: What are the Odds?

Are there any hybrids between humans and aliens?

Hybrids are particularly common across the cosmos and are believed to be of the alien races in contact with earth. Some even believe that we humans are genetic hybrids ourselves but that’s a discussion for another conspiracy forum. The Sassani are a hybrid that was developed from reptilians and gray-humans.