Does indefinite mean forever?

Without limit; forever, or until further notice; not definite.

How long is indefinite?

The definition of indefinite is something that has no exact limits, is vague or that is not clearly defined. An example of indefinite is when you do not know how long a meeting will last. An example of indefinite is when you are not certain if you are going to attend a given event or not.

What does it mean if something is indefinite?

: not definite: such as. a : not precise : vague. b : having no exact limits.

Does indefinite mean not definite?

not definite; without fixed or specified limit; unlimited: an indefinite number.

What is an indefinite period of time?

If you describe a situation or period as indefinite, you mean that people have not decided when it will end. The trial was adjourned for an indefinite period. at some indefinite time in the future.

What does it mean to stay indefinitely?

adverb [ADVERB with verb] If a situation will continue indefinitely, it will continue for ever or until someone decides to change it or end it.

What is the meaning of indefinite leave?

Indefinite Leave to Remain (“ILR”) or Indefinite Leave to Enter (“ILE”), also referred to as settlement or permanent residence, are types of immigration status in the UK which mean there is no longer a time limit on a person’s ability to stay in the UK.

What is the other name of indefinite?

Indefinite Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for indefinite?

unclear vague
hazy indistinct
inexact ambiguous
doubtful equivocal
indeterminate nebulous

What do you mean by indefinite leave?

What does an indefinite period mean?

If you describe a situation or period as indefinite, you mean that people have not decided when it will end. The trial was adjourned for an indefinite period. Something that is indefinite is not exact or clear.

What is an indefinite answer?

b : not clear or certain in meaning or details : vague. an indefinite answer/boundary.

What does it mean to end forever?

without ever ending; eternally: to last forever. continually; incessantly; always: He’s forever complaining. lasting for an endless period of time: the process of finding a forever home for the dog. noun. an endless or seemingly endless period of time: It took them forever to make up their minds.

Does indefinitely Mean Forever?

“Indefinitely” doesn’t always mean forever. It typically means there are suspension issues you need to clear up with the DMV (for example, insurance, paying traffic fines, paying court fines, etc. These will show as “indefinite” suspension until paid in full or arrangements are made to pay them).

When to use definite vs. indefinite articles?

As a general rule, the indefinite article is used when one is introducing a noun, or referring to a generic noun, while the definite article is used when talking about a particular noun.

What is the definition of indefinitely?

Indefinitely is defined as something that is done, or that will go on, for an undetermined period of time. When you are traveling through Europe for some indefinite time with no expected return date, this is an example of a situation where you are traveling indefinitely. YourDictionary definition and usage example. “indefinitely.”.

What are some examples of indefinite articles?

In English, the indefinite articles are “a, an, some, any.”. They are “indefinite” because they do not refer to a particular thing as “the” does, but simply refer to an object or person in a non-specific way, that is, we do not specify exactly to which person or object we are referring to. For example: A white house on a green hill.