Does my drive support LightScribe?

Look at the outside of your disk drive. If it supports LightScribe, it should have the LightScribe logo on the front of it. Look for a sticker with the LightScribe logo elsewhere on your computer. Therefore, the sticker may be located somewhere else on your computer.

Is there an alternative to LightScribe?

The best alternative is gLabels, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like LightScribe Template Labeler are iWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac (Paid), Disketch (Paid), TBS Cover Editor (Paid) and UnderCoverXP (Free).

What LightScribe used for?

LightScribe is direct disc labeling technology that provides you a simple way to burn precise, silk-screen quality labels. All you have to do is burn, flip, and burn. It combines the LightScribe-enabled DVD drive of your PC with specially coated CD or DVD discs (sold separately) and enhanced disc-labeling software.

What is LightScribe and do I need it?

LightScribe is a direct disc-labeling technology that provides a simple way to create precise silkscreen-quality labels for discs. All you have to do is burn, flip the disc, and then burn again.

Do you need a special disc for LightScribe?

LightScribe is an optical disc recording technology that was created by the Hewlett-Packard Company. It uses specially coated recordable CD and DVD media to produce laser-etched labels with text or graphics, as opposed to stick-on labels and printable discs.

What is a LightScribe burner?

LightScribe is an innovative technology that uses a special disc drive, special media, and label-making software to burn labels directly onto CD and DVD.

Does LightScribe need special discs?

If you want to use the Lightscribe facility, you’ll need both a Lightscribe-compatible drive and special Lightscribe discs. However, Lightscribe isn’t a new disc format in itself. It’s simply a convenient extra that lets you easily add label images to current disc types (such as DVD+R, DVD-R and CD-R).

What is Power2Go and do I need it?

Power2Go is an all-in-one burning solution for your media and data. Burn data discs, CDs, DVD+/-, Blu-ray discs and even the latest 128GB BDXL. With support for such a wide range of media and disc formats creating discs is easy and convenient. You can even duplicate CDs, unprotected DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

What technology works with specially coated optical?

When a laser strike the label side or producing any graphics using lightscribe software then lightscribe disc chemically changed. Hence, the technology work with specially coated optical discs to each label directly on the disc is LighScribe technology.

How do you burn labels on a LightScribe CD?

With LightScribe, you create or download the label of your choice. Then, after you burn your data, music, or video onto a CD or DVD, simply flip the disc over, put it back into the drive, and burn your newly created (laser-etched) label design directly onto the disc. It looks professional and way cool.

Can you use Sharpie on CD?

Yes, you can use an off-the-shelf permanent marker, but be careful where you write. The easiest way to label a CD-R is to whip out that permanent marker and write directly on the disc. CD-Rs and DVDs are made mostly of polycarbonate substrate, or plastic. …

Is there a LightScribe drive for a desktop?

As desktop PCs, let alone desktop LightScribe burners become scarce the choices for Internal drives become ever more limited. To that end, I suggest you take a look at this LightScribe burner from Compaq (HP) The image shows no LightScribe logo but the reviews by buyers say it is a LightScribe drive.

Where is the LightScribe sensor on a DVD?

What is visible on these drives, on the DVD tray, is the LightScribe Encoder Sensor . This circuitry, when it fails on a LightScribe drive, leaves the user completely unaware of it’s failing (as the normal drive functions are unaffected…) until, that is, the next time a LightScribe label is attempted.

Do you need an external LightScribe DVD drive?

Although there is nothing wrong with re-fitting an internal drive, I have done it many times, these days I would always advise you buy an external USB LightScribe DVD Drive. Firstly because of the choice – Far more external LightScribe drives are available and, for me this is the main thing, you can move them from PC to Laptop etc.

How do I know if my CD burner supports LightScribe?

2: How to recognize a ‘LightScribe’ drive. The other videos in this series cover:. 1: LightScribe DVD drives – THIS VIDEO. 2: LightScribe CDs & DVDs What makes them special. 3: LightScribe Software Free and premium and the merits of both..