How big is the Northern Territory compared to UK?

Closer to Bali than to Bondi, the NT spans about 1.35 million sq km (838,000 sq miles), more than six times the size of the UK. It is in the central north of the country, between the states of Western Australia and Queensland.

How big is Darwin?

3,164 km²

What is the size of Northern Territory 2020?

The NT covers 1,349,129 square kilometres (520,902 sq mi), making it the third-largest Australian federal division, and the 11th-largest country subdivision in the world….

Northern Territory
Area rank 3rd
Highest elevation (Mount Zeil) 1,531 m (5,023 ft)
Population (December 2020)
• Total 246,561

What percentage of NT population is indigenous?

Across Australia, the Northern Territory has the highest proportion of Indigenous residents among its population—an estimated 31% (78,600 people) in 2020 (Figure 3) (ABS 2018; 2019a).

Is Australia bigger than UK?

Australia is about 32 times bigger than United Kingdom. United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, while Australia is approximately 7,741,220 sq km, making Australia 3,078% larger than United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the population of United Kingdom is ~65.8 million people (40.3 million fewer people live in Australia).

Is Victoria bigger than UK?

Victoria’s landmass of 228,000 square kilometres is about the size of the United Kingdom or a little smaller than the US state of California. By comparison, Australia’s size is roughly equal to mainland USA and a little larger than continental Europe.

Is Darwin in lockdown?

COVID-19 restrictions in Greater Darwin and Katherine will be lifted from noon today. There have been no further cases of COVID-19 in the NT since Greater Darwin and Katherine went into lockdown. All close contacts remain in quarantine and all testing has been negative to date.

Is Darwin a boy or a girl?

Darwin Watterson
Species Goldfish (with legs)
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Affiliation Elmore Junior High

Why is nt a territory not a state?

“The NT Government and parliament does not have any control over the Aboriginal Land Rights Act, doesn’t have control of uranium mining, and a number of other less important areas that we just don’t control. So we don’t have the full measure of state powers,” Mr Parish said.

Is Australia bigger than India?

Australia is both a country and a continent. Australia is 20.6 times bigger than Japan, 14 times bigger than France and 2.4 times bigger than India. At almost 24 million people, the population of Australia is, however, relatively small.

What is the population of the NT 2021?

Based on our research, Northern Territory population will reach 251,396 by the end of June of 2021. We use end of June each year due to ABS always follow Australia financial year when pushed the data….Population Growth of Northern Territory.

Year Population Growth Rate
2019 247,940 0.88%
2020 249,220 0.84%

What percentage of Australia is black?

About 400,000 people of African origin were living in Australia in 2020. This represents 1.6% of the Australian population and 5.1% of Australia’s overseas-born population. Most (58%) are white South Africans but 42% are black Africans from sub-Saharan countries.

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