How can I get Ethiopian citizenship?

Acquisition by Descent Any person shall be an Ethiopian national by descent where both or either of his parent is Ethiopian. 1. An infant who is found abandoned in Ethiopia shall, unless proved to have a foreign nationality, be deemed to have been born to an Ethiopian parent and shall acquire Ethiopian nationality.

Can citizenship be acquired by birth?

The principal modes of acquisition of nationality are: by Birth, including birth on the territory (jus soli), or birth to a citizen parent (i.e. by descent) (jus sanguinis), or some combination of the two. Acquisition by birth may take place automatically or on grant of nationality.

What are citizenship rights in Ethiopia?

Citizens were assured the freedoms of movement, speech, press, assembly, peaceful demonstration, and association. Regarding political participation, citizens had the right to vote and the right to be elected to political office.

How can we lose Ethiopian citizenship?

A lawful marriage contracted abroad of an Ethiopian woman with a foreigner deprives her of the Ethiopian nationality if her marriage with the foreigner gives her the nationality of her husband; otherwise she keeps her Ethiopian nationality.

Is dual citizenship allowed in Ethiopia?

Dual nationality is not allowed in Ethiopia; however, provision of the law under Article 20 is that persons who have dual nationality are “considered solely an Ethiopian national until the loss of Ethiopian nationality”. Those who attained Eritrean nationality or renounced their Ethiopian nationality are not eligible.

Can a foreigner buy property in Ethiopia?

The 1960 Civil Code restricts the right of foreigners to own immovable property in Ethiopia. (Article 390 of the Civil Code) Any foreigner who is found to own immovable property in good faith is required by the competent authority to dispose of such immovable property to an Ethiopian within a period of six months.

What are the 4 types of citizenship?

Usually citizenship based on circumstances of birth is automatic, but an application may be required.

  • Citizenship by family (jus sanguinis).
  • Citizenship by birth(jus soli).
  • Citizenship by marriage (jus matrimonii).
  • Naturalization.
  • Citizenship by investment or Economic Citizenship.
  • Excluded categories.

What are the 2 types of citizenship?

There are two main systems used to determine citizenship as of the time of birth: jus soli, whereby citizenship is acquired by birth within the territory of the state, regardless of parental citizenship; and jus sanguinis, whereby a person, wherever born, is a citizen of the state if, at the time of his or her birth.

What are 4 ways to become a citizen?

The four routes available include; citizenship by Naturalization, Citizenship by Marriage, citizenship through your parents and citizenship through the military. The U.S citizenship application process is complex, with each route having its own set of specific requirements.

What are 3 ways to lose citizenship?

You might lose your U.S. citizenship in specific cases, including if you:

  1. Run for public office in a foreign country (under certain conditions)
  2. Enter military service in a foreign country (under certain conditions)
  3. Apply for citizenship in a foreign country with the intention of giving up U.S. citizenship.

Is Ethiopia allow dual citizenship?

What religion is in Ethiopia?

Ethiopian Orthodox Church
More than two-fifths of Ethiopians follow the teachings of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. An additional one-fifth adhere to other Christian faiths, the vast majority of which are Protestant.

How to apply for Ethiopian citizenship as a foreign national?

Fill out Form Two of the application if you are a foreign national who has married an Ethiopian citizen and want to obtain Ethiopian citizenship. The partner who is an Ethiopian citizen must fill out the first part of the form and sign this section. Have all documents obtained from Ethiopia certified by the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How to obtain an Ethiopian origin ID card?

There are several requirements and documents that need to be met in order to receive this card that provides Ethiopian citizenship. Obtain the application for the Ethiopian origin ID card from the Ethiopian Embassy or consulate office.

Do you have to have dual citizenship to live in Ethiopia?

Dual citizenship is not recognized in Ethiopia so you will need to obtain an Ethiopian citizenship if you want to live in the country permanently. The document that provides citizenship is the Ethiopian Origin Identification card.

What happens if you Renounce your Ethiopian citizenship?

However, even if a person renouncing Ethiopian nationality has not informed the Authority of his/her intentions in advance, the person would still be assumed to have renounced his Ethiopian nationality.