How do I find PCM code?

If the sticker has faded or fallen off, you will need to go under the dash on the passenger side and remove the kick panel to locate the PCM. The code should be on a sticker on the PCM harness. It is a 4 character code usually 3 letters and 1 number.

What would cause a 7.3 diesel not to start?

Injector Control Pressure Sensor: When an ICP is failing, the engine runs extremely rough as load is imposed (under throttle), and the condition can eventually contribute to a 7.3L’s inability to start. Oil contamination in the wiring usually is the cause.

How do you reset the computer on a Ford diesel truck?

First, disconnect both battery cables. Next, put the key in the ignition and turn it to the “accessory on” position (the last position before the engine would turn over). Leave the key in that position for 20-30 minutes. Take the key out and reconnect the battery.

How do you diagnose a bad PCM?

What Are the Symptoms of a Faulty PCM?

  1. Your “check engine” light is on.
  2. Other warning lights may be on, including traction control and ABS.
  3. You lose fuel economy for no apparent reason.
  4. Your car stutters when starting, requires multiple attempts, or won’t start at all.
  5. Stuttering or stalling during idling.

What are the signs of a bad PCM?

7 Common PCM Failure Symptoms

  • Your ‘Check Engine’ Light is On.
  • Your Car Won’t Start or Starts Roughly.
  • Sudden Loss of Gas Mileage.
  • You Failed Your Emissions Test.
  • Your Engine Stutters or Stalls.
  • Erratic or Random Shifting.
  • You’re Receiving a PCM-Related Error Code.
  • What to Do If You Experience PCM Failure Symptoms.

What are signs of a bad PCM?

Does a used PCM need to be reprogrammed?

PCM Reprogramming is also necessary to change the engine idle speed, spark timing, fuel mixture or other emission control functions. PCM Reprogramming may be required to resolve a hot or cold starting issue, idle roughness, stalling, or an emissions failure.

What problems does the 7.3 Powerstroke have?

As your 7.3 engine ages, the IPR is known to fail for a multitude of reasons, including: the regulator getting stuck, seals failing, sensors going bad, the wires get damaged, etc. A failed IPR will result in the engine either getting too much or too little fuel which can lead to a multitude of problems.

Will a 7.3 start with low oil?

The first step in a 7.3 no start is to simply check the oil level. Yes the oil level. Your engine could be low by just 3-4 quarts causing a hard start. One to lubricate the engine components and the other to operate the fuel injectors.

How do you reset a transmission control module?

Steps to Resetting Transmission Control Module

  1. Step 1: Turning Key Position.
  2. Step 2: Press gas pedal.
  3. Step 3: Keep Waiting.
  4. Step 4: Turning the Key Off.
  5. Step 5: Releasing Gas Pedal.
  6. Step 6: Wait Again.
  7. Step 7: Ready.
  8. Identification.

What happens if my PCM goes bad?

A failed PCM or TCM can cause the car to get stuck in gear, which can be a serious safety issue. It can also lead to costly transmission damage.

How to test a PCM in a car?

How to Test a PCM. 1 Step 1: Visual Inspection. Now, before you start doing any surgery on your car, the first thing to do is to check for rust or a disconnected wire. 2 Step 2: Check Your Battery. 3 Step 3: Code Scanning. 4 Step 4: Inspect Wiring and Sensors. 5 Step 5: Try a Replacement.

Where is the PCM on a diesel truck?

The PCM is mounted in the cab by the parking brake pedal, with the connector end sticking thru the firewall. I should be able to rule out the PCM and the IDM. I interchanged both of them in another 99 I found and that truck fired right up.

How can I tell if my PCM is faulty?

You need to check the sensors that are connected to your PCM, as well as the wires that connect them. If you’re seeing a PCM code – or two, or three – it can really help you narrow in on which sensors or wires are faulty.

Can a scanner pick up a bad PCM?

I have a 99 7.3 that won’t start. Also, if the PCM were bad, would a scanner still pick up codes? if the truck doesnt start, the mechanics cant test it… my wife fried my pcm and there really was no way to test it…