How do I know what brake pads to buy for my car?

You might need a flashlight to get a good look at the brake pad. If the pads look thin, less than 1/4″, it might be time to get them replaced. On some brake pads, you might see a wear indicator slot down the center of the pad. If the slot is gone or just barely visible, it’s time for new brake pads.

How much does it cost to get brake pads?

The average brake pad replacement costs around $150 per axle, but these costs can rise to around $300 per axle depending on your vehicle’s brake pad materials. The least expensive brake pads use organic material.

How much should front brake pads cost?

Labor at a shop to replace rotors and pads is approximately $150 to $200 per axle. Brake rotor and pad repair generally comes out to around $250 to $500 per axle when visiting a professional shop. Calipers are the most difficult and expensive aspect of the braking system to replace.

What type of brake pads last the longest?

Ceramic Brake Pads Made from ceramic materials mixed with copper fibers, ceramic pads were designed for driver comfort. They are the least noisy, produce very little messy brake dust, and are stable over a wide range of temperatures. And they last the longest.

How do I know if my brake pads are worn out?


  1. SQUEALING OR SCREECHING NOISES. If a vehicle’s brake pads have wear indicators, a driver may notice a squealing, screeching or whining noise when the brakes are engaged.

How long do cheap brake pads last?

On average, brake pads should be replaced every 40,000 to 50,000 miles, but that number can differ depending on driving conditions and styles. The good news is, you’ll likely experience minor symptoms when your brake pads are getting towards their end of life, making diagnosis and repairs easy.

How much longer do ceramic brake pads last?

You can expect a semi metallic pad to last for about 50,000 miles. Ceramic pad car brake systems are found on luxury cars and are meant for comfortable braking. Carbon ceramic brakes aren’t meant for use in high-performance conditions but have a long lifespan of about 70,000 miles.

How many miles should brakes last?

Average brake life runs between 25,000 and 65,000 miles, though some people will have brake pads last beyond 80,000 miles. While it’s impossible to give an exact number, the 40,000-mile range is the general mileage to keep in mind when planning for vehicle maintenance.

How can I find out what my brake pads look like?

Look into the hole in the caliper to see your brake pads. They will look like two sheets of rubber pressed against each other. While your tire is off you can see both internal and external brake pads. Measure both sides of the brake pads.

Which is the best brake pads to buy?

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What to do if your rear brake pads are bad?

Get a professional to inspect your rear brakes. Some older cars and rear brake systems may have brake shoes instead of pads. These are cylindrical metal rings that fit around your wheel’s rotors. If you suspect that your brake shoes are bad, you should take your car to a mechanic so that they can inspect them.

Where can I get a free brake check?

ZIP code is needed for local pricing. If your car is experiencing any of the above, bring your car in for a free brake check. From brake pads to brake rotors, brake calipers to the master cylinder, Firestone auto professionals install or replace brake parts using the best brands.