How do you calculate volume of a box?

You can calculate the volume of a box by multiplying length x width x height.

What are 2 ways to find volume?

Different Ways to Find Volume

  1. Solve for Volume by Space. All physical objects occupy space, and you can find the volume for some of them by measuring their physical dimensions.
  2. Solve for Volume by Density and Mass. Density is defined as an object’s mass per a given unit of volume.
  3. Solve for Volume by Displacement.

What are the two units for volume?

In the metric system of measurement, the most common units of volume are milliliters and liters.

What is a formula of cylinder?

Solution. The formula for the volume of a cylinder is V=Bh or V=πr2h . The radius of the cylinder is 8 cm and the height is 15 cm. Substitute 8 for r and 15 for h in the formula V=πr2h .

How do you find volume science?

Measuring volume

  1. To calculate density , the volume of the material must be known.
  2. If the object is a regular shape, the volume can be found by measuring length, breadth and height and using the equation:
  3. Volume = length x breadth x height.

What is the formula for volume of a 3d shape?

Perimeter, Area, and Volume

Table 3. Volume Formulas
Shape Formula Variables
Right Rectangular Prism V=LWH L is the length, W is the width and H is the height.
Prism or Cylinder V=Ah A is the area of the base, h is the height.
Pyramid or Cone V=13Ah A is the area of the base, h is the height.

How do you find true volume?

Subtract the mass of the container from the mass of the substance and container to calculate the mass of the substance (mass of substance = mass of container and substance – mass of container). Calculate the volume of the substance by dividing the mass of the substance by the density (volume = mass/density).

How do you find out the volume of a shape?

You can work out the volume of a shape by multiplying height × width × depth.

How to calculate the volume of an object?

The formula used by this calculator to calculate the volume of a rectangular shaped object is: V = L · W · H. Symbols. V = Volume; L = Length; W = Width; H = Height; Volume Dimensions – Length, Width & Height. Enter the measurement of length, width and height for the rectangular shape.

How to calculate volume for length, width and height?

There is no need to input values in the same measurement units, just select your preferred units for each dimension and calculated volume. Once the measurements have been entered for length, width and height, the calculated volume will be shown in the answer box.

How to calculate the volume of a driveway?

The volume is calculated by multiplying together each dimension and then converting it into the selected volumetric units. Gravel volume required to fill a path, car park or driveway. Rectangular storage tank capacity. Car, truck or van load space volume capacity. Car load volume to move storage. Maximum volume capacity a water tank will hold.

How to convert 8.5 m2 to square meter?

The area value 8.5 m2 (square meter) in words is “eight point five m2 (square meter)”. This is simple to use online converter of weights and measures. Simply select the input unit, enter the value and click “Convert” button. The value will be converted to all other units of the actual measure.