How do you format Javadoc style comments?

Writing Javadoc Comments In general, Javadoc comments are any multi-line comments (” /** */ “) that are placed before class, field, or method declarations. They must begin with a slash and two stars, and they can include special tags to describe characteristics like method parameters or return values.

How do you use comments in Javadoc?

The basic rule for creating JavaDoc comments is that they begin with /** and end with */….Adding JavaDoc comments

  1. Immediately before the declaration of a public class.
  2. Immediately before the declaration of a public field.
  3. Immediately before the declaration of a public method or constructor.

What is the difference between Javadoc and comments?

Documentation comments (known as “doc comments”) are Java-only, and are delimited by /**… */ . Doc comments can be extracted to HTML files using the javadoc tool. Implementation comments are meant for commenting out code or for comments about the particular implementation.

How do I write Javadoc comments in Intellij?

Add a Javadoc using context actions Place the caret at the declaration in the editor, press Alt+Enter , and select Add Javadoc from the list.

What is javadoc style?

Javadoc (originally cased JavaDoc) is a documentation generator created by Sun Microsystems for the Java language (now owned by Oracle Corporation) for generating API documentation in HTML format from Java source code.

Do you need javadoc for private methods?

Nope, you shouldn’t write javadoc for private methods. End users don’t have access to private fields or methods so there really isn’t a point in providing javadoc for them. Private fields and methods are only meant for the developer. If you really need to though, feel free to write comments for non-obvious logic.

How do you write a good Javadoc?

Javadoc coding standard

  1. Write Javadoc to be read as source code.
  2. Public and protected.
  3. Use the standard style for the Javadoc comment.
  4. Use simple HTML tags, not valid XHTML.
  5. Use a single

    tag between paragraphs.

  6. Use a single
  7. tag for items in a list.
  8. Define a punchy first sentence.

How do I run a Javadoc?

provide version of the class, interface or enum. Select “Generate JavaDoc” option from Project menu and a wizard will appear. Specify the location for the JavaDoc file on your computer, by default it will be in the C drive. Select the project and then the packages for which you want to create the JavaDoc file.

What is the difference between comments and /* comments?

What is the difference between // comments and /* style comments? The double-slash comments (//) expire at the end of the line. Slash-star (/*) comments are in effect until a closing comment mark (*/).

What is the difference between inline comments and block comments?

Comments are generally formatted as either block comments (also called prologue comments or stream comments) or line comments (also called inline comments). Block comments delimit a region of source code which may span multiple lines or a part of a single line.

What is the shortcut for creating a Javadoc comment?

put the cursor on the method name you want to add javadoc ,and then press alt + enter, there will be an add javadoc option in the popup.

What is the purpose of Javadoc?

Javadoc is a tool for generating API documentation in HTML format from doc comments in source code. It can be downloaded only as part of the Java 2 SDK.

Which is an example of a Javadoc comment?

Javadoc is a tool which comes with JDK and it is used for generating Java code documentation in HTML format from Java source code, which requires documentation in a predefined format. Following is a simple example where the lines inside /*….*/ are Java multi-line comments. Similarly, the line which preceeds // is Java single-line comment. Example

When do you use doc comments in Java?

The compiler ignores everything from /* to */. The compiler ignores everything from // to the end of the line. This is a documentation comment and in general its called doc comment. The JDK javadoc tool uses doc comments when preparing automatically generated documentation. This chapter is all about explaining Javadoc.

When to indent code in Javadoc style comments?

Every time that you open a bracket you should indent the code written after it. The indentation should continue until the bracket is closed. The indentation should not be that of a tab. Tab indentation is too much and will make code harder to read instead of easier. Three spaces is the best indentation.

What is the purpose of the Javadoc tool?

JavaDoc tool is a document generator tool in Java programming language for generating standard documentation in HTML format. It generates API documentation. It parses the declarations ad documentation in a set of source file describing classes, methods, constructors, and fields.