How do you get 100% in GT4?

To 100% Gran Turismo 4, you will need to complete all licence tests, complete all driving missions, and win all races, including the one-make and endurance races. You can only do it on an original PS2 with the disc, which means emulators aren’t allowed.

How do you get formula cars in GT4?

The Polyphony Formula Gran Turismo is available from winning the Nürburgring 24h Endurance in Gran Turismo 4. It cannot be bought from any dealership or be tuned. Also, if players finish the game (100% complete), the players can win a black FGT as well.

Is GT4 realistic?

So, in a nutshell, yes, Gran Turismo is that realistic. It’s taken a little time for Polyphony to catch up with the released technology (Gran Turismo 5 arrived four years after its initial announcement), but it’s always managed to make the game feel as if you’re behind the wheel.

Is GT4 the best Gran Turismo?

GT4 was definitely better than its Microsoft rival, but the gap was shrinking between the major racing sims. Graphically, this was stunning for the time, being the first GT to be optimised for HD (even if the graphics weren’t HD). GT4 also brought in a driver manager mode, something that was a decade ahead of its time.

How long does it take to beat Gran Turismo 4?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 30 72h 58m
Main + Extras 14 180h 43m
Completionists 9 316h 10m
All PlayStyles 53 142h 44m

How do you get the Mazda 787b in GT4?


  1. GT3. This car can be obtainable in one of two ways:
  2. GT4. This car can be bought at the Mazda Legendary Cars Dealership for 3,500,000 Credits.
  3. GTPSP. This car can be purchased for 3,000,000 Credits.
  4. GT5. This car is a Premium Car, and can be purchased for 5,260,000 Credits at the Mazda dealership.
  5. GT6.
  6. GT Sport.

How do you get the F1 car in GT sport?

Quite simply you can head over to the Brand central section of the game, go to Japan, and buy the generic F1 car from Polyphony.

Which GT game has the most cars?

Gran Turismo 6
With 1,237, Gran Turismo 6 has the most cars in a racing game as of 31 March 2017. On its release in December 2013, the game had 1,200.

Is GT6 better than GT5?

The same car and the same track compared between Gran Turismo 5 and the new GT6 demo, with the game operating at 1080p resolution (click below for a mirrored 720p version). Content-wise the only major difference is that GT5 is operating with ten more cars on the track.

How many races are there in Gran Turismo 4?

Read all. New and enhanced racing modes encompassing more than 200 championship races and highly detailed car customization. Gran Turismo 4 has over 700 cars, more than 100 courses, and uses an all-new physics engine.

How do I get a Mazda 787b?