How do you use eruption in a sentence?

1 The eruption of a volcano is spontaneous. 2 The place was recently visited by a serious volcanic eruption. 3 It was the biggest eruption of Vesuvius for some years. 4 The extinct volcano’s eruption would mean a cataclysm for the city.

What is meaning of erupting?

1a(1) : to burst from limits or restraint. (2) of a tooth : to emerge through the gum. b : to force out or release suddenly and often violently something (such as lava or steam) that is pent up. c : to become active or violent especially suddenly : break forth war could erupt at any moment the audience erupted in …

What is eruption example?

Types of eruptions

  • Hydrothermal eruption. An eruption driven by the heat in a hydrothermal systems.
  • Phreatic eruption. An eruption driven by the heat from magma interacting with water.
  • Phreatomagmatic eruption.
  • Lava.
  • Strombolian and Hawaiian eruptions.
  • Vulcanian eruptions.
  • Subplinian and Plinian eruptions.

What type of word is eruption?

an issuing forth suddenly and violently; outburst; outbreak. Geology.

What is a sentence with erupt?

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause. Sparks and blue fire erupted around the door until it glowed red. The inmates erupted into cheers.

Is irruption a word?

a breaking or bursting in; a violent incursion or invasion.

What is the verb form of eruption?

erupt. (intransitive) To eject something violently (such as lava or water, as from a volcano or geyser).

What is the most powerful type of eruption?

The stronger eruptive types are Pelean eruptions, followed by Plinian eruptions; the strongest eruptions are called “Ultra-Plinian.” Subglacial and phreatic eruptions are defined by their eruptive mechanism, and vary in strength.

How do you use the word volcano in a sentence?

a mountain formed by volcanic material.

  1. Lava from the volcano was flowing down the hillside.
  2. The long-dormant volcano has recently shown signs of erupting.
  3. Flames blazed out from the crater of the volcano.
  4. The volcano has been inactive for 50 years.
  5. The volcano could erupt at any time.

What is a good sentence for the word fractious?

1. Nancy was in a fractious mood. 2. Children become fractious when they are tired.