How old is Dexter at the beginning of winter dreams?

A member of the Sherry Island Golf Club who golfs one day with the twenty-three-year-old Dexter.

How old was Dexter when he first started?

The first time they meet, Dexter is fourteen and Judy is eleven. Dexter, who is working as a caddy at Sherry Island Golf Club for pocket money, dreams of becoming a golf pro and out-playing the wealthy members who frequent his place of employment.

Is Dexter in love with Judy?

She is the epitome of carefree, selfish indulgence, and as a result Dexter is more in love with the image of Judy than her real self. Judy raises a passion within him, which forces him to break off his engagement for a wild liaison when they meet again as adults.

How long were Dexter and Judy together?

about two years
They start an affair, but Judy never gives up her other lovers. Finally, Dexter turns his attention from Judy to Irene Scheerer. After about two years, Judy meets Dexter at a party.

Why can’t Dexter have Judy Jones?

Throughout the story, it seems that Dexter is as much in love with the idea of what constitutes romantic love as he is with the belief that to love someone is to possess them. By doing both of the aforementioned, Dexter is never able to see either Judy or Irene as a fully-fledged human being.

Why is Dexter’s attitude toward Judy’s past boyfriends ironic?

Dexter understands the risk of loving Judy but is willing to bear the price, in order to experience “for a little while the deep happiness” of an exquisite romance. So, the irony of Dexter thinking of Judy as his own is that he knows the opposite is true.

Why is Dexter attracted to Judy Jones?

So Judy Jones’ eleven-year-old tantrum directly inspires Dexter’s ambitions to achieve his winter dreams of greatness. And she spurs those dreams on when they meet again when Dexter is twenty-three and Judy is nineteen. Dexter has made a name for himself; now he can court her, and she does seem to be attracted to him.

Why is Dexter so in love with Judy?

Much like F. Scott Fitzgerald himself, Dexter maintains the perception of the rich as possessing some magical quality; thus, he is easily motivated to fall in love with Judy in order to experience such magic.

What does Judy really want out of life?

In Winter Dreams, Judy wants to find happiness in her life. Despite already having everything that Dexter dreamed about in his youth, such as wealth…

Why does Dexter give up on marrying Judy?

Why does Dexter give up on marrying Judy after 18 months of courting her? He realizes that he cannot have her no matter what he does, it’s just not enough. A series of metaphors are used to Describe Dexter’s view of Irene.

How does Dexter feel about Judy flirting?

Eventually, Dexter realizes that he will not be “the one” that shall enjoy Judy on a long term basis. His eventual attitude towards her flirtations is a sense of resigned acceptance, an understanding that his pain will always be there because her sensibilities will refuse to surrender in the name of it.

What does Judy want out of life?