Is Babalu still alive?

Deceased (1942–1998)
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How old is Babalu?

56 years (1942–1998)
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Where did Babalu died?

Antipolo, Philippines
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What year Babalu died?

August 27, 1998
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Is red Ford White still alive?

Deceased (1955–2010)
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Is Redford White dead?

Is Redford White still alive?

Is red Ford White pure Filipino?

Cipriano Cermeño II, better known by his stage name Redford White (5 December 1955 – 25 July 2010), was a Filipino actor and comedian. White first came to prominence in the late 1970s for his supporting role in the sitcom Iskul Bukol. White was reportedly born with albinism, which gave rise to his screen name.

How old is Redford White?

54 years (1955–2010)
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What nationality is Redford White?

Redford White/Nationality

Is red Ford White dead?

How old was Babalu when he died?

Pablito Sarmiento (June 29, 1942 – August 27, 1998), better known as Babalu, was a Filipino comedian and actor.

Who is the composer of the song Babalu?

” Babalú ” is a Cuban popular afro song written by Margarita Lecuona, the cousin of composers Ernestina and Ernesto Lecuona. The song title is a reference to the Santería deity Babalú Ayé.

How did the song Babalu Aye get its name?

The song title is a reference to the Santería deity Babalú Ayé. In the song’s lyrics, originally written in Spanish creole, the singer wonders aloud what to do with a statue of Babalú Ayé, now that a Santería rite had been invoked by others.

When did Babalu appear on Buhay Artista?

Babalu was given a featured role on the Philippines’ leading comedy-variety show Buhay Artista. His appearances in movies and television included the shows Home Along Da Riles and Oki Doki Doc. Babalu’s life story was featured on the television show Maalaala Mo Kaya “Imahe ng Berhen” on July 3, 2003.