Is distribution a noun or verb?

1[uncountable, countable] the way that something is shared or exists over a particular area or among a particular group of people the unfair distribution of wealth The map shows the distribution of this species across the world.

What is adjective of distribute?

distributive. Relating to distribution. Tending to distribute; serving to divide and assign in portions; dealing a proper share to each.

Is distribute a transitive verb?

(transitive) To divide into portions and dispense. He distributed the bread amongst his followers. (transitive) To supply to retail outlets. The agency distributes newspapers to local shops.

What is a sentence for distribute?

Distribute sentence example. With information, we will distribute better. Hence if we distribute electricity. Its object is to distribute all the materials evenly throughout the mass, and it is performed in many different ways, both by hand and by machine.

What is the verb of distribute?

transitive verb. 1 : to divide among several or many : apportion distribute expenses distributes toys to needy children. 2a : to spread out so as to cover something : scatter evenly distribute the seeds.

Which are the distributive pronouns?

Distributive Pronouns

  • The words each, every, either, and neither are the distributive pronouns.
  • Each.
  • Each is used to refer to every one of two or more people or things of a group occurring in the thought.
  • Every.
  • Every is used with singular nouns to refer to all the members of a group of things or people collectively.

What is the correct verb of distribute?

What is the verb for distribution?

verb (used with object), dis·trib·ut·ed, dis·trib·ut·ing. to divide and give out in shares; deal out; allot. to disperse through a space or over an area; spread; scatter.

What is an example of distribute?

Distribute is defined as to divide, scatter or hand out. An example of distribute is to give a handout to each student in the class.

What is distributive in grammar?

adjective. serving to distribute, assign, allot, or divide; characterized by or pertaining to distribution. Grammar. referring to the members of a group individually, as the adjectives each and every.

How do you use distributive pronouns?

A distributive pronoun is used when there are more than one persons or things, to indicate that the persons or things are taken separately. The words each, every, either, and neither are the distributive pronouns. These words are always singular and followed by the verb in singular.

What is the meaning of the part of speech?

The part of speech indicates how the word functions in meaning as well as grammatically within the sentence. An individual word can function as more than one part of speech when used in different circumstances.

What are the 8 main parts of speech?

Parts of Speech They are eight categories of words defined in terms of their purpose, place, meaning, and use within sentences. The categories are: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections.

Which is the most important part of speech?

1. noun plurals 2. noun forms 3. article use 4. pronoun cases 5. adjective versus adverb usage 6. verb forms 7. verb tenses 8. active and passive voice 9. preposition usage 10. word forms Parts of Speech Checkup 6 PARTS OF SPEECH