Is Hershey chocolate factory tour free?

Is it free to enter HERSHEYS CHOCOLATE WORLD? Yes, admission into HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD and Hershey’s Chocolate Tour is FREE. All other attractions within the facility require a ticket. Please see the central ticketing counter for single and adventure bundle tickets or view our Ways To Save page.

Can visitors tour the Hershey chocolate factory?

It’s inside Hershey’s Chocolate World, a sprawling bazaar of sweet souvenirs and snacks just outside Hershey Park. The tour is free (you can get back in line as many times as you like) and it’s on a continuous chain of amusement cars, in the style of a classic World’s Fair or Disney ride (think “It’s a Small World”).

How long is the Hershey chocolate factory tour?

2 hours is plenty of time unless you plan to use the amusement park. take the tour inside the building and walk around outside. over a year ago. Two hours would be sufficient for the educational ride (free), the chocolate tasting (small cost) and looking around the shop and buying a few things.

Does it cost to park at Hershey Chocolate World?

Parking is free and easy! When visiting Hershey’s Chocolate World, it’s free to park for up to three hours. If you’re hoping to do it all (4D Chocolate Mystery, Create Your Own Candy Bar, Chocolate Tasting, and Hershey Trolley Works) it’s free to park all day!

Is the Hershey Park meal plan worth it?

The meal plan is worth it and there are many different restaurants in the park. The refillable cup at a minimal price is well worth it on a hot day. over a year ago. Yes it is, it will allow you to eat at many of the restaurants cheaper than if you bought allcarte.

What is the difference between Hershey Park and Chocolate World?

Hersheypark is an amusement park that you need a ticket to enter. Learn more about planning your visit to Hersheypark. Hershey’s Chocolate World is a large visitors center that offers paid attractions and a gift shop but does not charge admission.

Is it cheaper to buy Hersheypark tickets online?

It’s usually cheaper online, especially if you are visiting for more than one day. You can usually preview the park the night before your full day ticket after dark for free. over a year ago. yes cheaper to buy online and convenient so that you don’t have to wait online.

Does Hershey PA still smell like chocolate?

We did the free chocolate tour on how they used to make chocolate and then stopped around the store. …

Is Hershey Park worth visiting?

HersheyPark is a great family park. It is very expensive but I recommend to get parking, tickets, on-line. Spending the number in your family definitely get the drink deal, it is totally worth it.

What is a good age for Hershey Park?

Hershey Park is okay if you have little kids… 12 and under…but it IS expensive and you may find a better time and value if you do some research and even MORE $$$ if you plan on staying overnight. They also began charging for entrance into Chocolate World itself.

Is there free parking at Hersheypark?

How much is parking at Hershey Park? Regular parking costs $15, and season pass holders may park for free.

How do you get free parking at Hersheypark?

Simply use the free street parking that is available around town deep in the neighborhoods and either walk or ride your bicycle to the Hershey Museum. Watch the street signs because some streets have only 2 hour parking. Behind and to the right of the Hershey Museum you can walk across an enclosed overpass walkway.

Where is the Hershey Chocolate World Tour located?

Explore the many wonders of chocolate, including the FREE Hersheys Chocolate Tour! Hersheys Chocolate World is located next to Hersheypark

How much are Hershey’s Chocolate World tickets for kids?

From the bean to bar and everything in between, this attraction is sure to dazzle your taste buds, fill you with laughter and sweeten you with Hershey heartwarming moments. View more details. Pricing. Adult (ages 13+): $15.95; Child (ages 3-12): $12.95; Children ages 2 and under FREE; Buy Tickets

How to get updates on Hershey’s Chocolate World?

Sign up for the HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD email to receive the latest updates about sweet events, chocolate attractions and special offers.

How much does it cost to go to Hershey Story?

Adult Museum Experience * $13.50 – always free for members Chocolate Lab Class ** $13.50 Both*** $22.00 Tastings $6.50/$11.00 Hershey Gardens & Hershey Story Combo Pa $22.00 (regularly $27.00)