Is Stowmarket safe?

Stowmarket Crime Overview Stowmarket is among the top 10 most dangerous small towns in Suffolk, and is the 35th most dangerous overall out of Suffolk’s 477 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Stowmarket in 2020 was 68 crimes per 1,000 people.

Which part of Suffolk is Stowmarket in?

Mid Suffolk

District Mid Suffolk
Shire county Suffolk
Region East
Country England

How many police officers are in Suffolk?

Suffolk Constabulary polices a population of approximately 745,000 people with 1209.2 full-time equivalent police officer posts, 893.6 police staff, 120 special constables and has 168 volunteers (as of 1st November 2020).

What area does Suffolk police cover?

939,510 acres
Suffolk Constabulary is the territorial police force responsible for policing Suffolk in East Anglia, England. Suffolk Constabulary is responsible for policing an area of 939,510 acres (3,802 km2), with a population of 678,074 and 288,473 households.

What is the prettiest village in Suffolk?

10 Most Picturesque Villages in Suffolk

  • Kersey.
  • Lavenham.
  • Polstead.
  • Long Melford.
  • Somerleyton.
  • Clare.
  • Woodbridge.
  • Thorpeness.

Is Ipswich a high crime area?

Ipswich is the most dangerous major town in Suffolk, and is among the top 20 most dangerous overall out of Suffolk’s 477 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Ipswich in 2020 was 100 crimes per 1,000 people.

What’s Suffolk famous for?

Suffolk is also famed for its archaeological finds, with artefacts from the Bronze Age being found around the county, including a significant site near Mildenhall. It’s home to Sutton Hoo, where in 1939 one of the country’s most significant archaeological finds was unearthed in a grassy mound.

What day is Stowmarket market?

Street Markets: Stowmarket hosts a popular street market in the Town Centre every Thursday and Saturday featuring a wide range of stalls selling a variety of products. The market has grown in recent years and the Thursday market in particular is a lively and vibrant place, full of stalls and customers.

Can you join the police force at 17?

What’s the minimum age I can apply? You can now apply to join the police service at age 17, though you’ll need to wait until you’re 18 before you can officially become a police officer. Check out the other basic eligibility criteria you need to meet.

Can anyone join the police?

You must be 18 or over when you apply to be a new Police Constable. The upper age limit is 57. This is three years less than the compulsory retirement age of 60 and allows for the two year probationary period and the expectation of a minimum of one year of service following probation.

Which police force covers Norfolk?

Norfolk Constabulary
Norfolk Constabulary is the territorial police force responsible for the county of Norfolk in England.

What is SNT in the police?

Police and partner agencies work together with local communities to identify and tackle issues of concern. Safer Neighbourhoods teams (SNTs) were introduced by the Metropolitan Police in 2004.