What are compounds give example?

A compound is a material composed of two or more components. Water, carbon dioxide and table salt are some examples of compounds.

Is an example of an element and is an example of compound?

An example of a compound is table-salt. It is a compound because it is made up of two different types of atom – in this case sodium and chlorine….Chemistry: 12. Elements, Compounds and Mixtures.

Compound Water
Symbol H2O
State of matter (at room temp) liquid
Elements in the compound (and state at room temp) Hydrogen (gas) oxygen (gas)

What is compound give Example Class 8?

Compounds can be of pure or impure form. Take water as an example which is the basic and essential thing in our daily life. It is a chemical compound which is made by the combination of hydrogen and oxygen where these two elements are in the ratio of 2:1.

What is a compound class 8?

A compound is a substance composed of two or more identical molecules or in a simple way we can say it as it is a substance formed when two or more similar or identical chemical molecules make a bond together or it is the combination of two or more compounds.

What is the difference between a compound and a molecule?

liquid or gaseous state while compounds are

  • Structure. A molecule is just a group of atoms being tied by the strong force while the compound is an actual matter in its complete shape.
  • Relevance.
  • Charge.
  • Examples.
  • What are some examples of compounds and elements?

    Examples of elements include iron, copper, hydrogen and oxygen. Examples of compounds include water ( H 2O ) and salt (Sodium Chloride – NaCl ) Elements are listed according to their atomic number on the Periodic Table . Among the 117 known elements, 94 are naturally occurring like carbon, oxygen, hydrogen etc.

    What are some examples of compound words?

    Examples of Compound Words Closed-Form Compound Word Examples. Closed compound words are formed when two fully independent, unique words are combined to create a new word. Open Compound Word Examples. Open compound words are formed when two words remain separate on the page but are used together to create a new idea with a specific meaning. Hyphenated Compound Word Examples.

    What are some common chemical compounds?

    Molecular Compounds. A molecular compound is composed of two or more nonmetals. Water is one of the most commonly found molecular compounds, followed by carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen peroxide, and methane.