What are the 7 dance actions?

Emphasizes seven basic movements in dance: Plier (to bend), Étendre (to stretch), Relever (to rise), Glisser (to slide or glide), Sauter (to jump), Élancer (to dart), Tourner (to turn).

What are the basic actions of dance?

The 5 actions of dance – jump, turn, travel, gesture and stillness.

What are the 5 basic dance action?

points, kicks, arm movements, reaches, head rolls and isolations. A movement of the whole body which goes around its vertical axis or changes direction. rotate, revolve, cartwheel, pivot, half/full turn, twirl and pirouettes.

What are the 6 classifications of dances?

Here is a list of the most popular types of dance:

  • Ballet.
  • Ballroom.
  • Contemporary.
  • Hip Hop.
  • Jazz.
  • Tap Dance.
  • Folk Dance.
  • Irish Dance.

What are the 8 basic dance actions?

Gesture, Locomotion, Elevation, Falling, Turning, Stillness.

What are the 8 dance actions?

What are the 10 basic steps in folk dance?


  1. HABANERA STEP. – step, close, step.
  3. GUESS ME! Thank You.
  4. STEP SWING. – step, swing.
  6. TINIKLING. – slide, close.
  8. HOP STEP. – step, hop.

What is dance relationship?

RELATIONSHIPS – WAY in which dancers move with other dancers eg lead and follow, mirroring, action and reaction, accumulation, complement and contrast, counterpoint, contact, formations.

What are the 8 classifications of dance?

Terms in this set (8)

  • Social Dance. Main focus is for socializing with other people like community dance.
  • Ballroom dance. Partner dance; socially and competitively because of its entertainment aspect.
  • Festival dance.
  • Ceremonial dance.
  • Occupational dance.
  • Courtship dance.
  • War dance.
  • Interpretative dance.

What are the classification of dancing?

There are three main classifications: classical ballet, neoclassical ballet and contemporary ballet. This style of dance is used to tell a story. It relies heavily on technique and requires an enormous about of diligence and dedication to perfect.

What are the 6 body actions in dance?

The Six basic body actions are : Turning, Elevation, Travel, Gesture, Stillness and Transfer of Weight, I hope it helped 🙂 What are the 5 basic dance actions and what they are? What are the 5 basic dance actions? Turns, Jumps, Balance/Stillness, Travels & Gestures. ♥ What are The five key dance actions?

How many dance actions do you need for a group piece?

-Include ALL of the 6 dance actions at least once! 2) Complete your group pieces that must include all of the 6 dance actions. -Developed your own phrase to make a second.

Which is an example of a sustained action in dance?

In such cases we can say that the dance has a Sustained quality. A sustained action is often a sequence of steps that have similar importance. For example, a Chasse in most dances can be thought of as sustained for musical interpretation. A Percussive action involves a very definite beat pattern that repeats fairly quickly and evenly.

Which is the first musical action in dance?

Dance is about musical interpretation. This post explores six ways that music can influence your choreography. When you understand these aspects of musicality, you should be able to create more musical dancing. The first type of action is a Swing action.