What are the highest paying automotive jobs?

What are Top 5 Best Paying Related Automotive Industry Jobs in the U.S.

Job Title Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Automotive Service Director $138,281 $66.48
Automotive Corporate $105,043 $50.50
Automotive Sales Manager $101,190 $48.65
Automobile Sales $100,909 $48.51

What is the best job in the automotive industry?

Highest-paying automotive jobs

  • Quality testing engineer. These engineers are responsible for testing every component of a vehicle.
  • Automotive designer.
  • Process engineer.
  • Automotive sales manager.

Can a mechanic make 100k?

yes they can make that much. but they must work hard to do it. techs that make that much money get paid for how much work they do. the main reason they can make that much money is because of the flag rate system.

What job should I have if I love cars?

The job market is filled with possibilities for those who love being behind the wheel, such as stunt drivers in movies/television, professional race car drivers, truck drivers, Amazon delivery drivers, taxi drivers, and valets. Turn your love of driving into a full-time pursuit by becoming a pro.

What’s the richest car company in the world?

The American company has been valued at 31.98 billion USD in 2021 as against just 12.41 billion USD last year as it beat traditional brands like Honda and Ford….

10 Most Valuable Car Brands 2021 Valuation In USD 2020 Valuation In USD
1. Toyota 59.47 billion 58.07 billion
2. Mercedes-Benz 58.22 billion 65.04 billion

What should I study if I like cars?

15 Career Ideas for People Who Love Cars

  • Driver.
  • Car salesperson.
  • Mechanic.
  • Industry journalist.
  • Automotive marketer.
  • Vehicle restorer.
  • Statistician.
  • Accountant.

What is the highest level mechanic?

The Top 10 Highest Paying Careers for Mechanics

  1. #1 Aircraft Mechanic. Job Description.
  2. #2 Industrial Machinery Mechanic. Job Description.
  3. #3 Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanic.
  4. #4 Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic.
  5. #5 Diesel Mechanic.
  6. #6 Electrical Mechanic.
  7. #7 Radio Mechanic.
  8. #8 Automotive Mechanic.

Is auto mechanic a good job?

Becoming an automotive technician is a good career option, especially if you are passionate about cars, love working with your hands, and wish to start earning as early as possible. Becoming a mechanic is also rewarding in terms of pay, as technicians can earn more than $65,000 annually.

What should I study if I love cars?

15 Career Ideas for People Who Love Cars

  • Driver. Photo: The News Wheel
  • Car salesperson. Surround yourself with the newest production models coming off the assembly line by working for a dealership that sells your favorite brand.
  • Mechanic.
  • Industry journalist.
  • Automotive marketer.
  • Vehicle restorer.
  • Statistician.
  • Accountant.

What are the most fun jobs?

12 of the most fun jobs in every field

  • Video game designer.
  • Fashion consultant.
  • Radio announcer.
  • Event planner.
  • Race car driving instructor.
  • Pet groomer.
  • Race car mechanic.
  • Sommelier.

What car loses its value the fastest?

Spending your stimulus check on a car? These 10 brands lose value the fastest

  • BMW. BMW.
  • Audi. Audi.
  • Lincoln. Lincoln.
  • Infiniti. INFINITI.
  • Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz.
  • Land Rover. Land Rover. Average 5-year depreciation: 61.4%
  • Cadillac. Cadillac. Average 5-year depreciation: 61.3%
  • Buick. Buick. Average 5-year depreciation: 61.2%

What are the best careers in the automotive industry?

If you love cars and possess strong technical skills, the auto industry has plenty of career options for you. Depending on your professional qualifications, you can pursue a career in a range of areas, including motor vehicle manufacturing, motor vehicle sales and auto repair and maintenance. Designing Vehicles.

What are the career opportunities in the automotive industry?

There are many jobs in the automotive industry and salary depends on the specific job. Jobs in the industry with higher salaries are usually management positions, car sales, and mechanics. Training and education for a specific automotive career will help people find the right job with a good salary.

What are some popular careers in auto technology?

– Popular Careers in Auto Technology. Auto technology has many career options. – Automotive Body Repairers. An automotive body repairer needs formal on-the-job instruction because troubleshooting newer automobiles requires advanced skills. – Diesel Service Technicians and Mechanics. – Small Engine Mechanics.

What is the job description of an automotive technician?

Automotive Technician Duties and Responsibilities. An automotive technician job description includes carrying out routine and scheduled servicing. They check the mileage of the vehicle and its service records, and complete the work specified in the manufacturer’s service schedules. They also complete simple servicing tasks, such as changing engine oil and filters or checking lubricant levels.