What are the top 5 causes of most fires in a restaurant?

The cook line, hood filters, rooftop exhaust fan, and ducting in between are all considered potential fire hazards for commercial kitchens. In fact, according to the NFPA’s most recent study of fires in eating and drinking establishments, cooking equipment is the leading cause of restaurant fires.

What are 5 possible sources of fire in a restaurant kitchen?

Top 5 Causes of Restaurant Fires

  • Cooking Equipment—responsible for 57 percent of restaurant fires.
  • Heating Equipment—responsible for 10 percent of restaurant fires.
  • Electrical Distribution & Lighting Equipment—responsible for 7 percent of restaurant fires.
  • Smoking—responsible for 7 percent of restaurant fires.

What is the most common cause of kitchen fires?

Kitchen fires are most often caused by: Leaving cooking food unattended. Placing combustibles too close to the heat source. Unintentionally turning on or not turning off the equipment.

How do you put out a fire in a restaurant?

A Class K fire extinguisher uses a fire suppressant that can suffocate a fire, even if it involves grease or oil, without inadvertently spreading it. If there is any chance that grease or oil is involved, a Class K extinguisher should be used.

What is one of main causes of fire in the hospitality industry?

Cooking equipment, careless smoking and faulty equipment are the leading causes of fires in the hospitality industry but with the proper fire equipment and staff training, these fires can be contained or stopped before they take hold.

How common are restaurant fires?

Restaurant fires accounted for about 6 percent of all nonresidential building fires reported to fire departments each year. These fires resulted in an average of less than one fatality per 1,000 fires, 11 injuries per 1,000 fires, and $23,000 in loss per fire.

What are the causes of fire and accident in the kitchen?

Causes Of Kitchen Accidents Excessive haste: Too much hurry can cause one to miss a step or knock off a hot object and lead to accident in the kitchen. Failure to apply safety rule e.g. removing hot pot with the bare hands from fire, managing faulty electrical appliances instead of repairing them etc.

What are the 4 causes of fire?

According to the NFPA report, the top four causes of home fires and their resulting casualties are cooking, heating, electrical distribution and lighting equipment (installed wiring, outlets, switches, cords, plugs, power supplies, and lighting), and careless smoking.

Can burning food start a fire?

The most common fires occur when people leave food on the stove unattended. If you have to leave the kitchen while food is cooking, turn off the stove and remove pots and pans from heat. If you are broiling food in the oven, remove food from the oven and turn off the broiler.

What are the four primary causes of hotel fires?

Main Causes of Fire in Hospitality Facilities:

  • Cooking Equipment.
  • Faulty Sprinkler Systems.
  • Obstructed and Cluttered Exit Routes.
  • Faulty Heating and Cooling Equipment.
  • Laundry Equipment.
  • Electrical/Lighting.
  • Careless Smoking by Guests.
  • Intentional.