What if Elizabeth Proctor told the truth?

According to John, Elizabeth is honest and cannot tell a lie. If Elizabeth tells the truth, testifying against Abigail, the witch trials will abruptly end, and the girls will be severely punished for their lies.

How might the outcome of the witchcraft hysteria have been different if Elizabeth Proctor had told the truth?

In what way might the outcome of the trials have been different? If Elizabeth Proctor would have told Danforth the truth, the court would have realized that Abigail was lying. John Proctor said that his wife never lied. If she didn’t lie, Danforth would have believed the entire testimony.

Why does Elizabeth tell the court that Proctor did not turn from her?

It was Elizabeth’s initial lie, though, that first turned the court so dramatically against him. Elizabeth denies that John had a relationship with Abigail because even though she has not forgiven him, he is her husband and she is a very virtuous woman and will remain loyal to her husband.

What does Elizabeth tell the court concerning John and Abigail?

Elizabeth tells John that fourteen people are in jail for witchcraft and that there is talk of hanging the accused. She wants John to go and tell Ezekiel Cheever that Abigail told him that witchcraft has nothing to do with the chaos in Salem. What gift does Mary Warren present to Elizabeth?

Why does Elizabeth lie for John?

In this case, Elizabeth is lying because she does not want to hurt her husband and his good name. She does not want him to get in trouble for what he did. She has, in the past, been very angry at him for cheating on her, but now she seems to have forgiven him. That is why she lies and he tells the truth.

Why does Elizabeth lie and why is it so ironic?

Why is it ironic that Elizabeth lied to the court about her husband’s adultery? Because John had already confessed and he said that she had never lied. It also could have ended all of the trials is she had told the truth.

Why does Elizabeth Lie What is ironic about Elizabeth’s lie?

Why does Elizabeth lie about her husband’s actions What does this reveal about her character?

Who is taken to jail at the end of act three?

The Crucible Final

Question Answer
Who is taken to jail at the end of Act III Giles Corey and John Proctor.
Why does Deputy Governor Danforth initially write off Giles Corey Because of his age.
How does Danforth suspect Proctor views the court With contempt.

Why does Elizabeth want John to go see Abigail?

Elizabeth initially wants John to go to Salem so he can testify that Abigail told him Betty’s illness had nothing to do with witchcraft. When Elizabeth finds out from Mary that she was accused in court, however, she decides she wants John to speak with Abigail directly.

Why does Elizabeth want John to go to Abigail now?

Why does John not go to court?

John Proctor’s reason for not going to court is understandable, but selfish. He knows in approaching the court with Abby’s lies, he may expose his own affair, which will ruin his good name. As a result, innocent people will be charged and some will die. He is covering for his good name in the community.