What is it called when a text goes onto the next line automatically?

Word wrapping is when a line of text automatically “wraps” to the next line when it gets to the end of a page or text field.

Which feature automatically moves the text to the next line when it exceeds right margin?

An example of word wrap is the automatic moving of the words on a long line of words to fit the words within a cell on a spreadsheet. A word processing feature that moves words to the next line automatically as you type based on the current right margin setting.

What is the feature that automatically moves words to the next line if they do not fit on the current line?

Word wrap
View that shows a great deal of document space, but no margins, headers, footers, or other special features….

Watermark Text or graphic that displays behind text.
Word wrap The feature that automatically moves words to the next line if they do not fit on the current line.

What do you call when MS Word automatically moves the text to next line when it reaches the right edge of the screen?

Word Wrap
Word Wrap: Word Wrap refers to the function of a word processor that will automatically force text to a new line when the right margin is reached while typing.

What does wrapping text mean?

Text wrap is a feature supported by many word processors that enables you to surround a picture or diagram with text. The text wraps around the graphic.

Why does my text wrap to the next line before reaching the margin?

This happens if you accidentally change the paragraph indentation for the document. Ensure that Indentation, both before and after text, are set to zero and that no special formatting has been set.

Why is text moving to next line in Word?

If text moves to the next line when you press Tab, it usually means that too much text has been typed, so that it misses the tab stop and moves to the next default tab stop (which might be on the next line of text).

What information is displayed in the title bar quizlet?

the title bar shows the program and documents name. Located near the upper right corner of the program window, it offers a list of help topics available in the program.

Which of the following is the reason to use the accessibility checker?

Which of the following is a reason to use the Accessibility Checker? To comply with federal legislation related to disabilities. The Document Inspector is useful when you want to: reveal any hidden or personal data in the file so that it can be removed, if necessary.

What does Ctrl w do on word?

Frequently used shortcuts

To do this Press
Close the document. Ctrl+W
Cut the selected content to the Clipboard. Ctrl+X
Copy the selected content to the Clipboard. Ctrl+C
Paste the contents of the Clipboard. Ctrl+V

What moves the text to the next page before it reaches the end of the page?

Page break option allows us to move the text to a new page before reaching the end of a page. 3. Then click on Breaks drop-down button in the Page Setup group.

What is wrapping style?

The most common wrapping style is Square, which means the text wraps around a rectangular box (called a “bounding box”) that encloses the image. You can see the bounding box when the image is selected. I like to use this option when I want the image very close to the text that describes it.

What is feature automatically moves text to the next line?

The word processing feature in which text is automatically continued from one line to the next is called word wrapping. A program feature that automatically moves to the next line when the text that is being keyed goes beyond the right margin? What is the feature that automatically moves the cursor to the next line when you key?

How does text move to the next line?

When the text you’re typing gets to the end of the line, the cursor wraps to the next line. It places the text below on the page instead of allowing the words to continue on beyond your screen edge. In word processors, the text is split at a word break (or a hyphen), hence “word wrap”.

How to use flashcards to learn word processing?

Word Processing STUDY Flashcards Learn Write Spell Test PLAY Match Gravity Created by esims1986 Terms in this set (40) Alignment how the edges of a line, paragraph, object, or table are positioned horizontally and vertically between the margins or on a page Ascending

What do you mean by automatic page break?

Automatic Page Break a feature that automatically generates a new page, allowing text to flow to the new page when space runs out on the previous one; also known as a Soft Page Break