What is Jaden Smith Favourite food?

The young actor and sustainability entrepreneur said that vegan pancakes and butter are his favorite combination.

What was Jaden Smith’s illness?

His vegan lifestyle caused his parents to stage an intervention, following a rapid decline in health that led to his skin turning gray. He was later diagnosed with lactose intolerance and celiac disease. His declining health, however, resulted in Smith returning to vegetarianism.

What is Jaden Smith favorite color?

Favourites and Preferences

Jaden Smith’s Favourite Colour Middle grey, French sky blue
Favourite Musician
Favourite Singer(s)
Favourite Song(s)
Favourite Sport(s) Bowling

What is Jaden Smith favorite movie?

That’s right, Jaden Smith’s favorite movie is Age of Adaline, a movie about an immortal woman who can’t find love. The movie did well at the box office and had decent reviews from critics, but it’s not the first movie you would expect a young black man to say is their favorite movie.

What did Jaden Smith wear to Kim Kardashian’s wedding?

At the wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West, Jaden Smith wore a very unorthodox outfit: a white Batman suit. Smith explained why he felt compelled to wear the suit at both Kimye’s wedding and his prom.

Does Will Smith have a daughter?

Willow Smith
Will Smith/Daughters
Willow Smith, the daughter of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, opened up to her mother and grandmother about living a polyamorous lifestyle.

What was Jaden Smith costume?

Later on, Jaden hinted on Instagram that his costume was a portrayal of John David Washington’s character from the newly-released film, Tenet. “We Live In A Twilight World,” he captioned a photo from the Christopher Nolan film that showed Washington’s character wearing the oxygen mask.

Is Jaden Smith with Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner And Jaden Smith Are Officially A Couple. They had been rumoured to be dating after 15-year-old Jaden attended Kim Kardashian’s wedding in Florence and now a close pal has confirmed that Will Smith’s eldest is dating Kylie Jenner.