What is the expression for KSP of Ag2CrO4?

Ag2CrO4(s) = 2 Ag+(aq) + CrO4 2- (aq) Ksp = 1.2 x 10-12 .

What is the equilibrium constant for the solubility of Ag2CO3?

Problem: Silver carbonate, Ag2CO3 is a salt of low solubility. When placed in water, it dissolves until an equilibrium is reached:Ag2CO3 (s) ⇋ 2 Ag+ (aq) + CO32- (aq).

What is the KSP of AgI?

Silver iodide, AgI, has a Ksp value of 8.3 xx 10^-17.

What is the equilibrium constant for the solubility of FeCO3?

FeCO3 is a substance which is only partially soluble in water. The equilibrium reaction in water can be expressed as below. Therefore number of moles of Fe2+ dissolved in solution is 5.595 x 10^(-06) mol/L.

What is solubility of pbso4 0.01 m na2so4?

1. 25×10−7molL−1.

What is the formula of silver chromate?

Silver chromate/Formula

Which will increase the solubility of Ag2CO3 in h2o?

Correct option (d) -Add HCl and NaCN will increase the molar solubility of silver carbonate.

Does Ag2CO3 dissolve in water?

Explanation: Silver carbonate, Ag2CO3 , is considered insoluble in water because you can only dissolve a very, very small amount of this salt in 1 L of water at room temperature.

What does the value of KSP tell you in terms of equilibrium?

The solubility product constant (Ksp) describes the equilibrium between a solid and its constituent ions in a solution. The value of the constant identifies the degree to which the compound can dissociate in water. The higher the Ksp, the more soluble the compound is.

What is the KSP of AgBr?

7.7 x 10-13
Solubility Product Constants, Ksp

PbBr2 4.6 x 10-6
Hg2Br2 1.3 x 10-22
AgBr 7.7 x 10-13

What is the equilibrium constant for the solubility?

The solubility product constant, Kₛₚ, is an equilibrium constant that reflects the extent to which an ionic compound dissolves in water. For compounds that dissolve to produce the same number of ions, we can directly compare their Kₛₚ values to determine their relative solubilities.

What is the solubility of BaSO4 in 0.01 M?

1. 25×10−18mol L−1.