What is the theme of for Heidi with blue hair?

For Heidi With Blue Hair by Fleur Adcock is a poem centered around the theme of rebellion and the expression of individuality. The main character in this poem is a young student, Heidi, who dyes her hair blue as an act of personal expression and for this is sent home from school.

Who wrote Heidi with blue hair?

‘For Heidi With Blue Hair’ by Fleur Adcock is a six-stanza poem that uses action and dialogue to paint a literary picture where little to no physical setting is provided. Rather, the important notions are in the characters’ actions and words.

What type of poem is for Heidi with blue hair?

“For Heidi with Blue Hair” is a 30-line poem made up of six quintains—five-line stanzas. The poem doesn’t use rhyme or meter—it is written in free verse. It is thus not an example of formal verse.

What does the poem for Heidi with blue hair mean?

“For Heidi With Blue Hair” is one of the best examples of this shift. Here she sympathizes with her wayward niece who has broken a school rule by coloring her hair a startling blue. Rather than deep seated metaphors, Fleur Adcock’ s poems are marked by an undercurrent of sarcasm and irony.

What did Heidi dye her hair at school?

This tells us about what Heidi did at school that sent her home. Imagery: “ultramarine for the clipped sides, with a crest of jet-black spikes on top” – Gives the reader a detailed image of how Heidi dyes her hair. not done in the school colours.

Who is the girl who dyed her hair blue?

Specifically, the reader can know by the end of the first stanza that she was a student who “dyed [her] hair blue…for the clipped sides,” but “with a crest of jet-black spikes on top.” This combination was certainly something that would stand out, so the action had to be undertaken with the knowledge that the change would be noted by others.

Where did Fleur Adcock live most of her life?

Soon after, she left for England where she continues to live to this day. By training, Fleur Adcock was a classicist and this is reflected in the formal construction of her poems.