What would your advice have been to Johnny and Ponyboy if they had come to you for help instead of Dally explain why do you think they went to Dally?

If they had followed Dally’s advice and hadn’t had the chance to save the kids, they would have been in big trouble. They would have been in trouble for the killing and also for running away. Dally tells them to take a train to Windrixville and stay in an abandoned church on Jay Mountain until things settle down.

What was Johnny’s advice to Ponyboy?

Johnny tells Ponyboy to “stay gold” when he dies, which is a result of the poem they read in Chapter 5. When Johnny dies, he tells Ponyboy to “stay gold.” What he means is that he wants him to stay good-hearted. This is because most of the greasers just want to be tough.

What is Johnny’s advice to Ponyboy in Chapter 12?

It says that Johnny believed his death was “worth it,” since the lives of the children he saved “are worth more than mine.” He tells Pony to go on enjoying sunsets and to not be “so bugged about being a greaser.” Johnny tells Pony that he can still be whatever kind of person he wants to be in life and that there is ” …

What advice does Johnny give Ponyboy on the way to the hospital?

Right before he dies in the hospital, Johnny says “Stay gold, Ponyboy.” Ponyboy cannot figure out what Johnny means until he reads the note Johnny left. Johnny writes that “stay gold” is a reference to the Robert Frost poem Ponyboy shared when they were hiding at the church.

Who does Ponyboy meet at the Tasty Freeze?

When Two-Bit and Ponyboy stop at the Tasty Freeze to buy a Coke and relax, they see a Mustang pull up and Pony sees Randy Adderson and the tall boy who had nearly drowned him. Hatred floods Pony; he blames them for Bob’s death, and Johnny’s suffering.

Why was Darry strict with Ponyboy?

Darry and Sodapop arrive. Ponyboy realizes that Darry does care about him; Darry is strict because he loves Ponyboy and wants him to succeed. Ponyboy runs across the room and embraces his brother, thinking that everything will be fine once he gets home.

Why does Darry hate Paul Holden?

Darry hates Paul Holden because Paul was given the opportunity to attend college and play football, and he was not. Ponyboy mentions that Darry wasn’t only jealous of Paul Holden; he was also ashamed to be representing the Greasers. Paul is essentially the epitome of what Darry wishes he could have become.

What advice would you give Ponyboy?

My advice to Ponyboy would be to find a way to change the course of his life. Perhaps he could focus more on his track abilities and strive to get a college scholarship that way. He should also continue to write as a way to heal and to try to make some changes in his surroundings.

Why did Ponyboy pretended Johnny wasn’t dead?

Ponyboy denies Johnny’s death as a survival mechanism, because he has so much grief, pain, and disappointment to deal with. Denying Johnny’s death helps him to compartmentalize his emotions, allowing him to deal with the tragedy at his own pace and time.

Why did Ponyboy pass out after Dally died?

After Dally is gunned down by the police, Pony loses consciousness and falls to the ground. Pony passes out as a result of his fatigue, a serious head injury, and the emotional turmoil of witnessing two of his friends die. Pony was already weak before he was seriously injured in the rumble.

Who is Randy’s best friend?

Robert Sheldon
Randy Adderson (called Randy Anderson in the film) is a Soc in The Outsiders, and a minor antagonist turned supporting tritagonist. His girlfriend is Marcia, and his best friend was Robert Sheldon, whom he met in grade school.

What does Johnny say in Chapter 4 of the Outsiders?

The author wrote that Johnny said if they came again he’d kill them. This foreshadows the killing of Bob in Chapter 4. 4.What would your advice be to Johnny and Ponyboy if they’d come to you for help instead of Dally?

What would your advice be to Johnny and Ponyboy?

Explain. What would your advice be to Johnny and Ponyboy if they had came to you for advice instead of Dally? Explain. I would have told them to turn themselves in. Although the boys were most frightened of being separated, admitting what they’d done and dealing with it head on would have been the appropriate action.

What’s your own definition of a hero in Outsiders?

When Dally says to Johnny to not turn himself in Ponyboy thinks about what Dally was like before he was all muscular and in jail. I think that Dally used to be a nice guy who cared for others and didnt want them to be hurt. 4. What’s your own definition of a hero?

How did Pony get his act together in the Outsiders?

Although grieving for Johnny, Pony does get his act together. He is able to escape the system of jail and get onto an educational track. We see that in the English teacher who knows he has potential. Pony is able to realize that Johnny’s sacrifice meant something. He is an inspiration to other Socs and greasers too.