When was Georgiana Molloy born?

May 23, 1805
Georgiana Molloy/Date of birth

Molloy, Georgiana (1805 – 1843) Born in Carlisle, Cumberland, England, on 23 May 1805, died at ‘Fairlawn’, near Busselton, Western Australia, on 8 April 1843. Arrived in Western Australia in March 1830.

What did Georgiana Molloy do in the Swan River Colony?

Georgiana Molloy arrived in the Swan River Colony (now Perth, Western Australia) in 1830 and was among the small group of British colonists who founded the settlement of Augusta in the far southwest. Today, she’s remembered as the first internationally successful female botanist in Western Australia.

When did Georgiana Molloy get married?

1 August 1829
At Cardross, Dumbartonshire, Scotland, on 1 August 1829 she married Captain John Molloy and in October they sailed with their household possessions and eight servants to the new colony in Western Australia.

What did Georgiana Molloy?

Georgiana Molloy (23 May 1805 – 8 April 1843) was an early settler in Western Australia, who is remembered as one of the first botanical collectors in the colony.

Where is Georgiana Molloy buried?

Georgiana Molloy was buried on 10 April, in a field near the house she knew as Fairlawn near Busselton and her grave was surrounded by a square of spiky yucca lilies that she had brought with her from Augusta.

How do you get to Molloy Island?

Access is via Kudardup Road off Bussell Highway then via Fisher Road to the island ferry which is privately owned by the Molloy Island Home Owners Association. The ferry can take four cars or one heavy truck at a time, and can only be used by Home Owners or their friends.

Who lives on Molloy Island?

According to the 2016 Census Summary, 113 people were living permanently on Molloy Island. It consists of 286 freehold blocks but no boundary fences which allow the resident kangaroos to roam freely. A lot of the homes are used as holiday homes and the island is a lot busier during school holidays and long weekends.

Can you go on Molloy Island?

Access is via Kudardup Road off Bussell Highway then via Fisher Road to the island ferry which is privately owned by the Molloy Island Home Owners Association. …

Can you swim in Blackwood River?

Warner Glen Campground on the banks of Chapman Brook, near it`s confluence with the Blackwood River, has access to the brook and river for swimming and launching canoes and kayaks. A short walk trail through the forest leads to an elevated platform with bench seats and views across the pool and brook.

Can you stay on Molloy Island?

Accommodation Molloy Island VRBO (Stayz) have this house to rent on Molloy Island. We have used Stayz several times and are a great alternative to Airbnb as they are usually cheaper.

Is it safe to swim in the Margaret River?

Signs have been erected at two popular recreation spots along the Margaret River to warn member of the public against swimming due to elevated levels of bacteria including E. Coli. “It is always advisable to avoid swimming in shallow, stagnant water. “Bacteria levels are also expected to increase after heavy rainfall.”

What is there to do in Blackwood River?

Blackwood River

  • Birdwatching.
  • Fishing & Boating.
  • Free.
  • Scenic Spot.
  • Stand Up Paddling & Canoeing.
  • Swimming.
  • Wildflower Spotting.

Where did Georgiana Molloy live most of her life?

Georgiana Molloy (1805-1843), amateur botanist, was born on 23 May 1805 near Carlisle, Cumberland, England, one of the five children of David and Elizabeth Kennedy of Crosby Lodge. Both parents came of old Border families.

Where was the house that Georgiana was born in?

Many sources say that Georgiana was born at Crosby Lodge, the country house built by her father, but on May 23rd 1805, she was born in the ancient city of Carlisle in a large ‘mansion house’ built by her grandfather in the 1700s.

Why did Georgiana Molloy call Rugby horrid rugby?

Georgiana soon had very good reasons to dislike the place she later called ‘horrid Rugby’. Those years were miserable for her but they were influential. Georgiana refused to accept or ignore what was happening around her and it has earned her a reputation for being extremely pious.