Where did Napoleon and Josephine get married?

Their banns of marriage were published on 7 February 1796, and the wedding was set for 9 March 1796 at 3 rue d’Autin in a house that had been requisitioned during the revolution and handed over to the city of Paris. The wedding was to occur at 8pm, and although Josephine arrived on time, Napoleon was nowhere in sight.

Did Napoleon get married?

In addition to the desire for an heir, Napoleon sought the validation and legitimization of his Empire by marrying a member of one of the leading royal families of Europe. In 1810, he married 19-year-old Marie-Louise, Archduchess of Austria, and a great niece of Marie Antoinette by proxy.

Where did Napoleon and Marie Louise get married?

Marie Louise was married by proxy to Napoleon on 11 March 1810 at the Augustinian Church, Vienna. Napoleon was represented by Archduke Charles, the bride’s uncle.

When did Napoleon and Josephine get married?

March 9, 1796 (Napoleon Bonaparte)
December 13, 1779 (Alexandre de Beauharnais)
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Did Napoleon get cheated on?

Josephine, for her part, tolerated his passion but didn’t exactly enjoy it — she even cheated on him while he was off conquering Italy in the summer of 1796. The balance of power between them shifted, however, as soon as Napoleon confronted her about the affair. This news shattered Bonaparte in turn.

Who is Napoleon Bonaparte wife?

Marie Louise, Duchess of Parmam. 1810–1821
Empress Joséphinem. 1796–1810
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Did Napoleon divorce Josephine?

Napoleon’s divorce from Josephine, 1809. On 15 th December 1809 Napoleon Bonaparte divorced his wife of 13 years, Josephine de Beauharnais , so that he could marry a younger woman who might be able to produce an heir for him.

Who was Napoleon’s second wife?

Marie Louise of Austria (Maria Ludovica Leopoldina Franziska Therese Josepha Lucia von Habsburg-Lothringen; 12 December 1791 – 17 December 1847) was the second wife of Napoleon I, Emperor of the French and later Duchess of Parma.

How many wives did Napoleon Bonaparte have?

Napoleon Bonaparte had two wives: Josephine (Rose de Beauharnais ) and Archduchess Marie Louise of Austria .

Who did Napoleon Bonaparte marry in 1796?

Josephine married Napoleon on March 9, 1796, when she was 32 and he was 26. Though Josephine already had two children ( Eugène and Hortense) from her first marriage, she was unable to produce an heir for Napoleon, a matter that troubled him once he became Emperor of France.