Which of the following are examples of Imdc personnel?

Examples of IMDC personnel include: z Individuals who are unaccounted for as a result of a break in contact (e.g. while on patrol or during a convoy operation) or during a routine 100% personnel and accountability check. z Hostages. z Prisoners of War (POW). z Individuals illegally detained by foreign governments.

Which task involves the process of providing medical and psychological care to personnel recovered from isolation?

15. Reintegration: The operational process of providing medical and psychological care to personnel recovered from isolation, and debriefing them for intelligence and lessons learned purposes. 16.

What are the four functions of the DOD Personnel Recovery System?

PR in the DoD is comprised of four comprehensive functions: preparation, planning, execution, and adaptation. Joint PR-E provides the tools to support these four functions.

Who does the Army consider Imdc?

IMDC personnel are U.S. forces, Army civilians, DOD contractors who deploy with the force, or other personnel as designated by the President who are beyond the Army positive or procedural control of their unit, in an operational environment requiring them to survive, evade, resist, or escape.

What does Imdc stand for?


Acronym Definition
IMDC Integrated Mission Design Center (NASA)
IMDC International Marine Design Conference (engineering)
IMDC Instructional Media Development Center (Wisconsin)
IMDC Isolated, Missing, Detained, or Captured (personnel recovery)

Which PR option involves members of the government?

Which PR option involves members of government to affect your recovery.

What are the five personnel recovery tasks?

Personnel recovery is based on the accomplishment of the five PR tasks: report, locate, support, recover, and reintegrate. Central to PR is accountability of all DOD personnel to include military personnel, government civilians, and contractors.

What is the first Personnel Recovery execution task?

The five PR execution tasks Report: Begins with the recognition of an isolating event. It must be both timely and accurate. Locate: Involves the effort to find and authenticate isolated personnel. Accurate position and positive ID are generally required prior to committing forces.

When should you use a visual signal to support?

When you use a visual signal to support recovery efforts, the guidelines include the size of the weight proportion of the differentiations size in connection to the weight differences will decide the examination between the size and the heaviness of the displayed articles, so that could give the best visual guide to …

What are the four recovery methods?

Army doctrine identifies four military methods to execute the recovery task: immediate, deliberate, externally supported, and unassisted.

What does recovery stand for Army?

Army personnel recovery is the sum of military, diplomatic, and civil efforts to prevent isolation incidents and to return isolated persons to safety or friendly control.

What does Sardot mean?

Acronym. Definition. SARDOT. Search and Rescue Point (US DoD)