Who does rocky end up with in Shake It Up?

In “Future It Up”, Rocky is shown to be married to a spy named Mark and has one child. She is also a big star like CeCe. In “Quit It Up”, Cece, Rocky and Tinka had to audition for Shake It Up Chicago again.

How old is rocky blue from Shake It Up?

Rocky Blue
Gender Female
Date of Birth February 23, 1996 (age 19-20)
Resides in Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Student Dancer Singer

What nationality were Gunther and Tinka?

History. Gunther was born in a small unnamed mountain country in Eastern Europe with his fraternal twin sister, Tinka.

What happened to Ty from Shake It Up?

He is eventually made the show’s new host and is now working alongside Gary Wilde and formerly Phil. He attends John Hughes High School in Chicago. Ty is portrayed by Roshon Fegan.

How old is Rocky and CeCe?

thirteen year old
The story follows Rocky and CeCe, two thirteen year old girls who are best friends. They become dancers on a local dance TV show called Shake It Up Chicago.

Why did Kenton Duty Leave Shake It Up?

Favorite Answer The only reason why he left was because he was offered a leading role in a show called “Contest”. They’ll get to their destination and say, “See, I’m a good person. RE: Why did Kenton Duty (Gunther Hessenheffer) leave Shake It Up?

Who does CeCe date in shake it up?

CeCe Jones
Romances Ty Blue (kissed; crush) Kendall Schmidt Celebrity Crush
Friends Rocky Blue (best friend) Ty Blue Deuce Martinez Dina Garcia Molly Hampton Derek Carter Rachel Watson Lindsay Hampton Maddie Carter
School John Hughes High School
Affiliations Shake It Up, Chicago

Why did Kenton Duty Leave shake it up?

Does CeCe and Gunther date?

GeCe (G/unther + C/eCe) is the romantic love pairing of Gunther Hessenheffer and CeCe Jones. They are portrayed by real life couple Kenton Duty and Bella Thorne….

Gunther and CeCe
Couple Gunther Hessenheffer CeCe Jones
Length of Relationship Currently not together Dated (Hot Mess It Up)

Who does CeCe date in Shake It Up?

Did the cast of Shake It Up Get Along?

Bella Thorne talked to the US Weekly about her friendship with her Shake It Up co-star Zendaya and how they were constantly pitted against each other. Bella revealed in the interview that she admired Zendaya now but both the actors did not get along in the start while filming.

Who does CeCe end up with?

This article contains spoilers for “New Girl.” Schmidt and Cece get married in the season five finale of “New Girl.” Schmidt ends up having to attend the reception virtually, and the couple later get married with just their parents and roommates in attendance.